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Advocating for Yourself

Searching for legal assistance
  • Recognize that organizations that offer these services are facing capacity issues. You are not the only one in line awaiting assistance with legal services. Although organizations are doing their best, you may fall through the cracks. Therefore, you ought to be both persistent and understanding of the situation when seeking assistance and interacting with these organizations.

  • Know the agency who you talked to and who you talked to within that agency and when. As well as who called you and who you talked to, and what they said they would do. 

  • Ask for expectation setting: "When should I expect to hear from you?"

  • Follow up according to deadlines, and make sure you are doing everything they need from you

  • Additionally, if you find legal representation make sure to take yourself off any other queues to free up capacity

Who is who? 


You are the Client.

  • As a client, you are the expert of your own story and culture.

  • Clients provide the details that are

    • Emotionally significant

    • Chronologically significant 

​Attorney or Legal Provider 

  • A person who navigates the legal system on behalf of the client 

  • They translate the client's story into the laws of the U.S in order to achieve a specific outcome

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