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Your rights in Education and Schools
What are your basic rights in education and schools?
  • Children have the right to to free public education in Washington.

  • You have the right to free speech in schools and in education.

  • You have the right to freedom of religion.

  • You have the right to freedom from discrimination

Where to call if you experience discrimination in education
  • Seattle Public School Title IX Coordinator: (206) 252-0367 

  • WA OSPI Equity Civil Rights Office: (360) 725-6162 

  • U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights: (206) 607-1600  

Every school district in WA has a primary contact person for the anti-harassment, intimidation, and bullying policy.

  • This person receives copies of all formal and informal complaints and ensures policy implementation.

  • Find your district's contact for bullying here.

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