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TANF Assistance (Cash Assistance)

What is it? 

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) provides temporary cash for families in need.  

Some families participate in the WorkFirst Program. The WorkFirst Program helps participants find and keep jobs. 

People who are caring for a child that is not their own child may also be able to apply for TANF benefits. Situations where this is possible include for persons who are: caring for a relative's child, legal guardians of a child, or acting in the place of a parent. People in these situations can apply for TANF benefits through a program called the Non-Needy Relative, In Loco Parentis and Legal Guardian Program. 

Persons who are residents of Washington state and are ineligible for TANF solely because of eligibility changes due to the Welfare Reform Act may be eligible for State Family Assistance. 

Persons who are eligible for the TANF program may also qualify for our Diversion Cash Assistance. Families who chose this program can get help with living expenses when a family needs short term assistance and meets program requirements.  

Who is eligible

Washington state residents who are responsible for the care of children or who are pregnant. Some of the requirements you must meet include: 

  • Income and resource requirements. 

  • Citizenship and alien status requirements. 

Your TANF benefits are based on your family size and income. A family of three, with no income, would receive a monthly TANF grant of $654. When a household member starts working, we only count half of the earnings against the grant. If a member of the household starts receiving unemployment or another type of unearned income, we would count the entire amount against the grant. 

To be eligible for TANF, your family must have resources of $6,000 or less. Resources are things like: 

  • Checking and savings accounts. 

  • Stocks, bonds or mutual funds. 

  • Vehicle equity over $10,000. 

Your case manager will help you understand what income and resources we consider and how it will affect your case.

How to apply 

How to apply 

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