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Food Assistance

What is it? 

Low-income individuals can also receive food assistance from the government. Those who qualify will receive a payment card in the mail that will have money added to it every month. The amount received depends on income level and number of household dependents. The card can be used to purchase food at most grocery stores. The card cannot be used at restaurants or to purchase ready-made hot food.  


This is sometimes called “SNAP”, short for “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program”, or “Basic Food”. You may also hear it called “food stamps”. 

Who is it for? 

Low income households. You can check your estimated benefits here: bf_benefit_estimator 


How to apply 


You can apply for food assistance here:  

  • Basic Food | DSHS  

  • By phone at 877-501-2233  

  • At your local Community Services Office 

WIC: For Pregnant People, New and Breastfeeding Moms, and Children Under 5
What is it?

Under the Women, Infants, & Children program (WIC), pregnant mothers or new mothers can receive food benefits that feed both mother and baby. For formula-fed babies, WIC provides formula.  


Who is it for? 

Pregnant women and caregivers of children under 5, including moms, dads, step-parents, grandparents, and guardians. Caregivers with a low to medium income and those who are part of other programs such as foster care, medical assistance, or SNAP are eligible. 

Find a WIC office

There are over 200 WIC clinics across Washington State. To find a WIC clinic near you:

WIC does not affect your immigration status

Being on WIC does not make you a public charge and does not affect your immigration status. See the full statement from the federal Department of Agriculture.

More information here:

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