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Healthcare and Doctors

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What are your basic rights in healthcare and at the doctor?

Your Rights When Going to the Doctor/Receiving Treatment

You have the right to be treated by a healthcare professional without sharing immigration status information. You have the right to free language services when you apply for health coverage, communicate your health plan, and access to medical services.

Your Rights When Signing up for Insurance

You can apply for health insurance if you are eligible. Free enrollment assistance is available near you. Go to to find in-person assistance in your area. Most immigrants are eligible to get health insurance and to get assistance in paying for insurance.

You have a right to privacy to protect your information when applying for health insurance

The information is used to determine eligibility for insurance and to administer the insurance. This information should not be shared for other purposes.

Where to call if you experience discrimination in healthcare

  • WA Department of Health: (360) 236-4700

  • WA Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights: 1-800-368-1019

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